Full of Hell SEA tour chapter Jakarta was a total blast and complete fun! Despite being held on Monday evening, Jakarta audience still reached out to Rossi with others friends hailing from Semarang, Depok, Bandung, Palembang and many other cities supporting the show, drove endless hours and kilometers to see their favorite bands.

Full of Hell started in 2009 and made their own way after signing to A389 Recordings releasing two full lengths with countless split albums, EPs and series of noise tapes. With the last Full of Hell effort on releasing a collaboration album with Merzbow via Profound Lore Records, the time has come for them to reach out over the continent of Asia and Jakarta had experienced it on the past 16November 2015.

Being able to share minds and thoughts with Full of Hell is a different story. I truly flattered by how friendly/humble/down to earth they are, and being genuine on what they do. It is truly the music that connects us. It felt like seeing your long lost brothers or happens to meet yourself from the opposite side of the world with the same taste in music. Regardless the amazing noisy grinding set they showcased that night at Rossi, I would say that it is truly an experience to get to know the dudes from Full of Hell right before our eyes. I am personally very glad that I was able to handle them compared to those sissies Deafheaven and Midnight Runners from my label rooster.

I would like to thank Dylan, Dave and Sam from Full of Hell for being such an inspiring artist/musician with non stop jokes and laugh we had and also for being very thoughtful towards everything while they were here at Jakarta (I also got the chance to be the few 1st people in the planet to listen to THE BODY collaboration)

I miss the Full of Hell dudes already.

check the fullset video link below:

Setlist :

1. Gordian Knot/Coven of the Larynx
2. Halogen Bulb
3.Pile Of Dead Horses/Kopf MeinesVaters
4.Vessel Deserted
5. Mute
6. Burst Synapse
7. Thrum In The Deep
8. Humming Miter
9. The Lonely Patth Of The Cestoda
10. Endless Drone

Words by Batakxpower

photos courtesy of Batakxpower, Tanduk, and Dimas Tirta

video taken by PFvideoworks